My Passion for Baseball

I am incredibly grateful for what the game of baseball has done for me over my 20 years of life. Playing baseball has taught me the value of hard work, patience, and team work. Those are values that I try to carry with me every day of my life regardless of what I am doing.

Regardless of what I am doing, I know that the one thing I can control is my work ethic. I take a lot of pride in my work, ethic because I know that is something that will set me apart from others in any situation that I am in.

While I was playing baseball, I worked hard over many years to develop myself into a pitcher who was able to locate pitches and throw for strikes. After many years, I reached a point to where I was satisfied with my progress and I was comfortable with calling it quits as a player.

I’ve been lucky enough to have worked in baseball for five years. I have worked my way up from a Bat Boy to now working in production. If I had never played baseball I would not have made it as far as I have today because I never would have learned the importance of hard work, patience, and team work.

All three of those lessons aren’t just important in baseball, but they are important in every day life too. I’ve become a better friend, student, worker, and son because baseball taught me those lessons. I truly intend to keep learning to become the best person I can possibly be, and I will forever be thankful for the lessons I have learned already.

What is Most Important?

Lately I’ve been struggling trying to juggle the things I value most in my life. I am in a constant tug of war of feeling as if I have to decide between focusing on my future or being happy and comfortable. A prime example is me being faced with the decision to go work a camera for a volleyball game, or to stay home and do literally anything else that I know I would be happier doing.

I understand that there is a way to find balance between reaching career goals and being happy on a personal level because I have seen many adults in my life reach that point. It is very possible that I’m overthinking it because I’m still in college and I don’t need to stress about this balance right now because my life doesn’t depend on it.

But in two years after I have graduated that will be a problem that I’ll have to face. Having to be a complete grown up with steady income and a lot of bills and responsibility is terrifying to me and I will only be able to truly understand it when I am forced to live that kind of lifestyle.

Through all of this deep thinking I have reached one conclusion that I know will always remain true in my head. I will always to my best to appreciate the people in my life because everybody has a unique impact on me and I feel like I should always be thankful for that. No matter how crazy my life is I always try to do my best to show my appreciation for the people around me, and I know I will always do that going forward.

Noodle Challenge Reflection

I thoroughly enjoyed the activity we did in class last Tuesday. I have never done anything like that before, and it was a very new and exciting challenge to take on during class.

If I had to attempt this challenge by myself I most definitely would not have been successful for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that I had no idea at all where to begin to get the noodles standing AND being able to hold the marshmallow at the same time. Another reason is that after doing this assignment twice, it was very clear that there needs to be at least two people working on the same structure in order for the group to have a chance at success.

I say that because having multiple people in a group allows the members to hear their ideas out loud, which opens up the opportunity for those ideas to be critiqued and possibly improved which then leads the group in the right direction. If we didn’t have the three people in our group them we definitely would not have been successful because everyone’s ideas contributed to the success of our structure.

Usually I don’t enjoy doing group work, but this assignment was unique and that mad it very enjoyable for me. Also, because I knew it wasn’t being graded I was able to relax and enjoy the process. I was also very lucky to have such a great group that got us going with some solid ideas that pushed us to be the most successful group in the class. Overall I really enjoyed myself and I would love to do this project again sometime.

The Snorlax Journey Reflection

Last Tuesday, for my metaphors and machines project I had the idea to have the whole class move my Snorlax from one side of the room to the other side of the room.

I was very happy with my idea for how Snorlax would reach the other side of the room, He would start sitting on his skateboard and he would have to stay sitting on the board throughout the entire journey. If he fell off of his skateboard, then then he would have to restart. I made this a rule because I really didn’t want Snorlax to fall on the floor and get dirty. Since I emphasized that rule repeatedly in my score, I think that I scared everyone away from doing anything really fun.

I was hoping people would pick up the board and run around with it, place it on top of something, or just pick it up in general. But since I emphasized the importance of him not falling, everyone was some what pressured into taking the safe route and wheeling him on the ground until the scene was over.

I knew it was possible this would happen, it was a risk I was willing to take with my project because I was mainly curious with what the class would decide to do with it. The goal was very simple, Snorlax had to reach the backpack while staying on the skateboard. But since I had that one rule, I unintentionally stifled creativity. If I could do this project again I would deliverer my score differently and put less emphasis on my main fear, in order to encourage more creativity.

My Last Day of Work

Today is Monday the 2nd of September and yesterday I concluded my final day of working for the Southern Illinois Miners for the 2019 baseball season.

I only worked with them for less than a month, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the team. I had to opportunity to work in a sport that I love (baseball), as well as get paid to do things that were very enjoyable for me.

When I started with the Miners I was originally supposed to do the in-game music. That essentially just means I choose the songs and sound clips that are played from gates open until the game has concluded. I am pretty good at choosing effective music and organ tones for certain situations that occur throughout a game such as a long foul ball or a manager arguing with an umpire. My previous experience with the Normal Cornbelters is the source of the majority of my confidence in this field.

I worked for the Normal Cornbelters baseball team for five straight Summers before I moved to Carbondale and started with Southern Illinois. While I was with the Belters, I started as a Bat Boy and slowly worked my way up to doing graphics, music, and writing the game day script. Through those five years I gained a lot of valuable experience that ultimately led to my opportunity with the Miners.

Working with the Southern Illinois Miners gave me the opportunity to be a camera operator for the first time in a professional setting. My only prior camera experience before this job was my own short films and the work I did for the basketball team at my previous school. The team streams every home game on YouTube, and they have a four camera setup with a center field, high home, 1st base, and 3rd base camera.

Three of these cameras require an operator which provided an opportunity for me when some of the student employees had to go back to their respective schools to begin the fall semester.

I was given the opportunity to operate each of these three cameras. The “high home” camera was where I was stationed for the last five games of the 2019 season. The “high home” camera was very enjoyable for me, because my job was to follow the ball and shoot the fielders. While operating this camera I took many great action shots of fielders making diving plays and great throws.

Getting shots like those were incredibly satisfying for me and it made me enjoy my job even more. So much, to the point that I could see myself doing camera work after college. Before this job I had always knew that I enjoyed using a camera, but being able to combine my favorite sport AND something I enjoy was an opportunity that I am incredibly thankful for.

Getting a ‘Major Haircut’

Today is Sunday and it’s about 9pm. Two days ago on Friday I decided to get my first major haircut in a couple of years. Now, what the hell is a ‘major haircut’?

I would describe a ‘major haircut’ as making a drastic change to my current hair style, a drastic change meaning that I walk out of the barbershop looking very different than how I entered.

Pretty self explanatory.

For about two years I have had different variations of the same long hairstyle. The constants with my hair have been that it always reaches past my ears, always a lot of curls, and it was a pain in the ass to maintain. The only variables with my long hair would be the length and how I decided to part it. Sometimes my hair would reach past my shoulders, and other times it would barely pass my ears. I would part my hair left, right, or not at all and just wear a hat cause it was easier.

All of these changes and indecisiveness on my part got annoying and I knew it was time to do something scary and see if the decision would pay off.

I texted one of my best friends and I told her that she could pick any hairstyle that wasn’t a mo hawk or buzz cut and I would go get it cut to fit that hairstyle no questions asked.

She made her decision, sent me a photo of what I should get, and I was at Sport Clips by 6pm on Friday.

I had a nice back and forth conversation with the lady cutting my hair and we devised a plan of attack for how we were going to handle this life altering moment.

At about 6:53 I walked out of Sport Clips with hair that not only looked good, but it is also very easy to maintain. I could not be more joyful about my decision to get my hair cut and I am very thankful for my good friend who helped me with the whole process. I feel like a new person on the outside, which will take some time to get used to.. But it’s okay because I’m the same person on the inside, just more confident because I took a risk and it paid off.

And I could not be happier about it.

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