David Lynch and Susie Pearl: Event #5

Mediation is something I’ve Never considered doing until watching this video. Part of my interest now definitely had to do with David Lynch because I naturally want to trust what he says because I like him as a person. David Lynch talks about how anyone can meditate, and it can fill a whole that someone has in themselves. He says that you just “sit back and watch things get better and better” it sounds like a very calm and soothing way to handle stress. I also think it’s funny that David first heard about meditation from the Beatles. Not only that, but he says that he also thought mediation was a waste of time until he actually tried it and he was then able to understand its importance. This is a bit of a side note, but this was also one of the few times I’ve actually listened to David Lynch talk about something not film related. I’m sure mediation helps with the craft of filmmaking, but this talk is solely focused on something not firstly related to film. David also described meditation as a why to go in and find your happiness. This also makes me interested enough to give it a try because I have been feeling unhappy more that usual as of lately. Regarding the presentation style, I really enjoyed it because the camera was just on David and Susie’s faces, so it felt like a more intimate conversation about something that is very important for someone’s mental health. It was overall I well rounded experience 

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