Benjamin Lowder Event #4

Listening to Benjamin Lowder speak about ancient Egypt was really interesting. He used a lot of PowerPoint presentation type stuff but he wasn’t very reliant on the PowerPoint because he was only using it to show pictures, while he talked for awhile about just projects here. Benjamin Lowder talked a lot about geodesic domes, as well as some art projects he did around Carbondale. He talked a lot about southern illinois’ connection with agent Egypt, which is something I have very vague knowledge about. I always knew that illinois has a section in the south called “little Egypt” but I didn’t realize that we were a part of it. Then again, our mascot is an Egyptian dog so maybe I should have thought more about it. I always hear that Cairo, illinois wasn’t a very good place. And that town it always what I associated illinois’ rgyptian connections with. Obviously, that was ignorant for me to think that way. Bejamin Lowder explained why appreciatingillinois heritage is important because it is so unique compared to other states. We are basically in the middle of nowhere and we have a cool connection to another part of the world, and that should be celebrated. Benjamin’s Egyptian inspired art allows people the opportunity for people to learn about illinois connection with Egypt in the same way that I did from listening to Benjamin Lowder speak. This event was more educational for me than I originally thought it would be. I was very entertained the whole time and I learned a lot of new information. 

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