Michele Leigh & Lora Mjolsness: Event #3

Michele Leigh and Lora Mjolsness shared a few interesting and unique animated films during their presentation. The main topic of their lecture was the importance of learning about and respecting the work of female filmmakers from the Soviet Union and Russia.

They showed some very old animated short films that felt like a completely new genre to me. They basically felt like I was watching really old Disney cartoons, except they were made in Russia. The kind of animation felt nostalgic because it felt as if it were from the early sound period, but the 2D animation was really eye catching to me because I have barely watched any animated films of this kind, let alone from Russia and the Soviet Union.

I don’t remember if it was Michele or Lora who said this, but there was one thing that was my strongest take away from this lecture. They stressed the importance of remembering the female directors of this time period, and how they need to be acknowledged in the history of cinema. However, they can’t just be acknowledged as being in the same conversation as male directors from this period because that is disrespectful, and ignoring the gender of these important women is just as disrespectful as not talking about them at all.

These women need to be remembered for exactly who they are because there were not a lot of women doing what they were doing back then. And that they need to be remembered in their own conversation, outside of male directors because of their significant contributions that had nothing to do with men.

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