Keith Knight: Event #2

Listening to Keith Knight speak has been the most moving event I have been a part of so far this semester. Keith didn’t just speak about his Hulu series, “Woke” he also spoke a lot about racial injustice in America, and talked about it in a way I have never experienced before.

Keith is a very experienced and talented cartoonist who has been making comics for quite a long time. I don’t remember how long he has been making them, but he talked about having a massive book of all his comics and dropping it onto the table at the end of his pitch for “Woke”, which I thought was a badass way to conclude a pitch and set yourself apart from other people in the heads of the producers.

He shared a lot of his comics with us that displayed the massive problem of racial injustice in our country. He had countless examples that could all be applicable to the way that some people think in our country today. It was shocking to me how all of what he showed us is still applicable in today’s society, when a lot of the comics were made multiple years ago.

To me it really shows how little progress has been made, and how we have a lot further to go to reach racial equality in the United States.

Keith also shared that the main char5acter is based off of himself, and that some of the moments in the show were actually things that Keith experienced in his own life such as when he was putting up flyers for his band and the cops violently harassed him.

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