William Kentridge: Event #6

The black and white really old aesthetic of this video provided a very different viewing experience because it felt a lot further from a talk or presentation in the same way as the other events I’ve been a part of so far. This was definitely trying to out the viewer in the correct frame of mind for the content. He talks about being forced to specialize in a specific form ofstudy in college. He apparently chose to be an actor at first but William failed at that. He then tried to be a filmmaker and also failed at that. I find it really inspiring when successful people are able to confidently talk about their failures. Because everything obviously worked out in the long run, so being able to assess past shortcomings and know where you went wrong is really satisfying. William says that after failing he became someone who draws, but his drawing won’t into films and painting in the opposite way from what he was told when he first started school. All of these specialties blended together to make art as a unit and I find that to be beautiful. It is also a prime example of the importance of just trying to find your last on your own, and to never let other people’s opinions limit your creativity. All art is inspired by other art, which is beautiful to me because art can be so many different things like film, paintings, video games etc. Also, drawing with charcoal is really cool to me for some reason and I never thought About that until now. 

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