Kara Walker: Event #7

Kara Walker had some interesting things to say about race that caught my attention. She says that a lot of times in film, the lives of the back characters wouldn’t be shown in the same way as the white characters. The black characters lives would be in the margarine of the story compared to the rest of the story. She also says that she found some satisfaction that the museum taking her work actually took her work because the majority of viewers would be surprised seeing work from a Black girl. This statement was powerful to me because art is a place where people can express themselves and open up on the hinge that make is unique for everyone else. But in Kara’s situation, she would still be judged on her art in a certain way because she is a black person. I enjoyed the presentation style of this video. It was filmed in a large room with a big crowd of people, which feels weird now because of covid and everything. But it felt like I was in the crowded spectating Kara. Large crowds seem so strange to me now, and it’s a bit scary that I feel that way now. I enjoyed looking at her art. On the surface the drawings seemed somewhat simple, but the meaning is so important compared to just the physical art. This is an example office importation the meaning is behind art, and that ie ehag makes it art because it comes from the heart and it’s something that the maker is passionate about. 

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