My Passion for Baseball

I am incredibly grateful for what the game of baseball has done for me over my 20 years of life. Playing baseball has taught me the value of hard work, patience, and team work. Those are values that I try to carry with me every day of my life regardless of what I am doing.

Regardless of what I am doing, I know that the one thing I can control is my work ethic. I take a lot of pride in my work, ethic because I know that is something that will set me apart from others in any situation that I am in.

While I was playing baseball, I worked hard over many years to develop myself into a pitcher who was able to locate pitches and throw for strikes. After many years, I reached a point to where I was satisfied with my progress and I was comfortable with calling it quits as a player.

I’ve been lucky enough to have worked in baseball for five years. I have worked my way up from a Bat Boy to now working in production. If I had never played baseball I would not have made it as far as I have today because I never would have learned the importance of hard work, patience, and team work.

All three of those lessons aren’t just important in baseball, but they are important in every day life too. I’ve become a better friend, student, worker, and son because baseball taught me those lessons. I truly intend to keep learning to become the best person I can possibly be, and I will forever be thankful for the lessons I have learned already.

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