What is Most Important?

Lately I’ve been struggling trying to juggle the things I value most in my life. I am in a constant tug of war of feeling as if I have to decide between focusing on my future or being happy and comfortable. A prime example is me being faced with the decision to go work a camera for a volleyball game, or to stay home and do literally anything else that I know I would be happier doing.

I understand that there is a way to find balance between reaching career goals and being happy on a personal level because I have seen many adults in my life reach that point. It is very possible that I’m overthinking it because I’m still in college and I don’t need to stress about this balance right now because my life doesn’t depend on it.

But in two years after I have graduated that will be a problem that I’ll have to face. Having to be a complete grown up with steady income and a lot of bills and responsibility is terrifying to me and I will only be able to truly understand it when I am forced to live that kind of lifestyle.

Through all of this deep thinking I have reached one conclusion that I know will always remain true in my head. I will always to my best to appreciate the people in my life because everybody has a unique impact on me and I feel like I should always be thankful for that. No matter how crazy my life is I always try to do my best to show my appreciation for the people around me, and I know I will always do that going forward.

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