The Snorlax Journey Reflection

Last Tuesday, for my metaphors and machines project I had the idea to have the whole class move my Snorlax from one side of the room to the other side of the room.

I was very happy with my idea for how Snorlax would reach the other side of the room, He would start sitting on his skateboard and he would have to stay sitting on the board throughout the entire journey. If he fell off of his skateboard, then then he would have to restart. I made this a rule because I really didn’t want Snorlax to fall on the floor and get dirty. Since I emphasized that rule repeatedly in my score, I think that I scared everyone away from doing anything really fun.

I was hoping people would pick up the board and run around with it, place it on top of something, or just pick it up in general. But since I emphasized the importance of him not falling, everyone was some what pressured into taking the safe route and wheeling him on the ground until the scene was over.

I knew it was possible this would happen, it was a risk I was willing to take with my project because I was mainly curious with what the class would decide to do with it. The goal was very simple, Snorlax had to reach the backpack while staying on the skateboard. But since I had that one rule, I unintentionally stifled creativity. If I could do this project again I would deliverer my score differently and put less emphasis on my main fear, in order to encourage more creativity.

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