Getting a ‘Major Haircut’

Today is Sunday and it’s about 9pm. Two days ago on Friday I decided to get my first major haircut in a couple of years. Now, what the hell is a ‘major haircut’?

I would describe a ‘major haircut’ as making a drastic change to my current hair style, a drastic change meaning that I walk out of the barbershop looking very different than how I entered.

Pretty self explanatory.

For about two years I have had different variations of the same long hairstyle. The constants with my hair have been that it always reaches past my ears, always a lot of curls, and it was a pain in the ass to maintain. The only variables with my long hair would be the length and how I decided to part it. Sometimes my hair would reach past my shoulders, and other times it would barely pass my ears. I would part my hair left, right, or not at all and just wear a hat cause it was easier.

All of these changes and indecisiveness on my part got annoying and I knew it was time to do something scary and see if the decision would pay off.

I texted one of my best friends and I told her that she could pick any hairstyle that wasn’t a mo hawk or buzz cut and I would go get it cut to fit that hairstyle no questions asked.

She made her decision, sent me a photo of what I should get, and I was at Sport Clips by 6pm on Friday.

I had a nice back and forth conversation with the lady cutting my hair and we devised a plan of attack for how we were going to handle this life altering moment.

At about 6:53 I walked out of Sport Clips with hair that not only looked good, but it is also very easy to maintain. I could not be more joyful about my decision to get my hair cut and I am very thankful for my good friend who helped me with the whole process. I feel like a new person on the outside, which will take some time to get used to.. But it’s okay because I’m the same person on the inside, just more confident because I took a risk and it paid off.

And I could not be happier about it.

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